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Shed Antlers & Found Wood

Deer antlers, Moose antlers, local wood - all found in the woodlands of Ontario, Canada  - these are the organic materials I use in my art. I have developed an intuitive approach to carving, letting the natural features of each medium guide my hands.    My sculpture is inspired by the folk cultures of our ancestors, from a time of myths and legends when people lived in close harmony with Nature.   The ancient Norse, Celts, and Slavs believed in the spirituality of all living things just as Aboriginal people do.  This communion with Nature is the inspiration and source of my artwork.

Please browse the Gallery pages, and check back every month or so as I add new carving images and information.  Each piece is an original design and one of a kind, made by my hands at my studio in rural eastern Ontario.  I use only shed antlers that were found by me or my network of friends;  no animals were harmed in gathering this natural, renewable resource.



                 "Ravens On His Mind"  Deer antler carving


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Page 1 - carved antler Pendants

Page 2 - antler Sculptures

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Page 5 - Art inspired by Old Norse Mythology

                          Browse through photos and descriptions of amulets, statues and other carvings I have created over the years.   The pieces on these pages are no longer for sale, but I may come up with similar carvings from time to time... so if you see something you really like, please inquire about my current inventory.


Rune Pendants

Bind-Rune Pendants

13 original artist's designs now available

                    Rune pendants and Bind-Rune pendants are hand crafted from shed Deer Antler.  Each amulet is individually made, carefully finished and includes a descriptive note card.  Bind-Rune Pendants carved in Ironwood are available on request.
Artist's Biography Learn about my background, techniques, inspirations, and aspirations.   Facts and lore about the natural materials I work with - antler, wood and fossil ivory.
Frequently Asked Questions Where do I get my ideas?  What are "shed" antlers?  Is it difficult to carve antler?   and other topics of interest.
 Care of you antler carvings This feature is still under construction.
Where to find my artwork Galleries;  Runestone online sales; current eBay auctions; Etsy store - coming soon.

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Your comments and inquiries are very welcome.  A "customer feedback" page will be added soon. 

An article about the artist:


THE HUMM, Ottawa Valley's arts & entertainment newspaper, featured Gordon as their "artist of the month 08/02."  Click on this link to read the article by Sally Hansen.   http://www.thehumm.com/2002/2002-08/atc-08-2002.htm


   "Odin's Companions"  pendant, deer antler


"Gordon's Self-Portrait II"  pendant, deer antler                       "Green Man - large version"  wall-hanging sculpture, moose antler

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